Argos Solutions improves grading system for laminate flooring

The grading system for laminates, developed by Argos and Kastamonu

Argos Solutions, in collaboration with Kastamonu Entegre, have for the past six months developed and tested a grading system for laminate flooring, and launched it as an integrated part of the production line at the Kastamonu facility.

Laminate floors have different grading and quality requirements than other surface materials, and Argos has developed and produced a system that aims to meet these accurately.

Together with Kastamonu, a producer of laminate floors, Argos Solutions have reportedly been able to test the system for large volumes, high production speed, and a wide array of specifications.

“We really appreciate this partnership and the chance to develop this system together with Kastamonu. This project has given us the opportunity to expand our product portfolio and offer laminate flooring producers a high-quality grading system. This will optimise production, reduce downgrades, and secure the desired product quality,” said Rune Gotfredsen, sales manager at Argos Solutions.

Gotfredsen further elaborated that the pilot project resulted in a system with updated camera and lighting technology. Argos has developed both the software and the hardware for this system, which is based on their experience with melamine faced chipboard (MFC). This system offers a human machine interface (HMI) specifically adjusted for this segment and provides innovative and accurate image processing of the laminate floor panels.

“We are the experts when it comes to the floors, but Argos is definitively the leading expert when it comes to surface grading technology,” commented the Kastamonu team.

“We saw the need for a reliable system that secures an efficient production line and reduces time and cost related to downgrades. This close collaboration has been a game changer for our production, and we are very satisfied with the results.”