Argos Solutions develops lighting sources for laminate floor grading system

“When we can’t find components in the market that meet our standards, we develop our own. We never compromise on quality.” – Jan Sandok, Technical Director, Argos Solutions (Image: Argos)

Argos Solutions has developed lighting solutions for their laminate flooring grading system to ensure that the detection of defects on panel surfaces is accurate.

According to Argos, one of the strengths of internally developing the lights for their grading systems is they can offer light sources that are tailor-made to fit their systems and high requirements. They also benefit the customers by being more trustworthy and cost-efficient.

Jan Sandok, technical director of Argos Solutions is responsible for testing the new light source: “For this system, we needed to find the most powerful light diodes that can be adjusted to our aluminum frame and that are compatible with cameras, cooling, and remaining technology. We have managed to develop a complete lighting package that is essential in securing the desired quality of the flooring panels.”

One characteristic of laminate flooring is the overlay manufacturers apply to protect the panels against fading, wear and tear. The grading systems must have advanced light sources to detect defects in this overlay. This specific light source is the only one that can discover defects in this type of foil.

Argos reported that the new light source, which is adapted to the electronics and hardware, has already been installed in the new laminate floor grading solution delivered to Kastamonu Entegre and will be implemented in future Automatic Grading systems for laminate flooring and melamine presses.