Architects design blackened pine frame for yoga studio extension


Students practising yoga at Ashtanga Yoga Chile, Santiago, will be pleased to find an expanded space for stretching out their limbs.

A timber-framed roof extension was added to the studio director’s home, which doubles as a school for Ashtanga yoga. It is the oldest in the country.

The project was led by Chilean studio DX Arquitectos, who created a space that allowed their client to integrate and at the same time separate her personal and professional life.



“It needed to satisfy all the conditions for the comfortable practice of yoga – good ventilation, good acoustic and thermal insulation, and a spiritual atmosphere,” architect Germán Rodríguez told Dezeen in an interview.

The studio was built entirely using pine for the exterior and interior surfaces.

Outside, the pine is finished with carbonileo – a protective finish commonly used in Chile that gives the extension its blackened appearance. Inside, the pine is left raw for the flooring and whitened for the walls to accentuate its grain.

The result is a contrast of light and dark between the interior and exterior.