Arauco invests in resin-saving equipment by Sunds Fibertech

Sunds Fibertech to supply their Internal Resin Injection System to Arauco

In May 2024, Sunds Fibertech and Arauco have signed contracts for the supply of a new generation of resin-saving equipment.

Arauco Group has invested in Sunds Fibertech’s Internal Resin Injection System for their plant in Trupan, Chile. Sunds Fibertech will deliver a complete resin dosing and injection system, including automation and start-up. The start-up will be done in Q4 2024.

Sunds Fibertech’s Internal Resin Injection System provides glue savings while improving uptime for MDF producers, especially when producing with MDI resins. The order from Arauco is the fifth Internal Resin Injection System sold since its launch at LIGNA 2023.

“This investment fits very well with our strategy to use the latest technology to meet Arauco’s sustainability targets. We are looking forward to executing this project with Sunds Fibertech,” said Aldo Lopez, operation director, Maderas Arauco Chile.

Injecting resin from the centre of the blowline will save resin by optimal mixing and requires less maintenance as it has only one nozzle, according to Sunds Fibertech. The system can be used for both UF and MDI resin.

“We are proud to have Arauco as our first reference customer in South America for this groundbreaking new technology. With the steadily rising demand for boards with no-added formaldehyde, we see great potential for the Internal Resin Injection System, not only in South America,” said Marcos Zamora, managing director LATAM of Sunds Fibertech.