Arauco aims to be carbon neutral by 2020

Arauco announced its commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2020. The company aims to capture more greenhouse gas emissions than its emissions at a global level, positioning Arauco as the world’s first forestry company to achieve this important goal.

In addition to this important milestone, the company announced it will join the Science Based Targets, a global initiative that aims for companies to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions based on climate science, to limit the planet’s increase in temperature.

Charles Kimber, Arauco’s Senior Vice President for Commercial and Corporate Affairs said: “The magnitude of the emergency we are experiencing on our planet demands that we push for an even more ambitious agenda. Therefore, in addition to our commitment to carbon neutrality, Arauco has decided to join the Science Based Targets. To do so, we have outlined an ambitious objective: to reduce our emissions at an annual rate of 2.5%, which means we have to continue to drive improvements to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of our operations.”

Even though these goals have been set for next year, reaching them has been long-term work for the company, with clear and meaningful objectives.

Kimber adds: “There are two complementary ways to reduce the planet’s rising temperature and at Arauco we’ve been working on both for a long time: driving improvements that have allowed us to reduce our operation’s greenhouse gas emissions, and at the same time increasing the capture of CO2 using our plantations and native forest”.