Anti-dumping Rates Raised on Chinese Engineered Wood Flooring

The anti-dumping rates (AD) for Chinese engineered wood flooring imports have increased significantly for nearly all Chinese producers, who were previously paying zero anti-dumping duties, according to the Decorative Hardwoods Association.

“Now, as a result of the Commerce Department’s final determinations, the antidumping duty margins have increased to 85.13% as a countrywide rate for 46 companies and a separate rate of 42.57% for 59 specific companies. These rates were announced by the Commerce Department on 30 July.

“The rates become effective immediately. The duty rates are also retroactive for these Chinese imports from December 31, 2016, which was the start of the review period.

“The countervailing duty (CVD) rates, which address the Chinese government’s subsidies of these multilayered wood flooring products, also increased to between 2.96% and 3.2%. Most companies will pay an additional 3.1%. These rates are also retroactive and require additional cash deposits.

“These AD/CVD rates are separate from and in addition to the 25% tariffs which have been recently imposed by the Trump administration on Chinese imports subject to the U.S. Section 301 investigation of distortive Chinese trade practices such as technology transfer, cyber hacking, and state-owned enterprises. As such, most Chinese flooring imports are also subject to those tariffs as well.”