Anthon GmbH to supply two Batch Size 1 plants for French SCHMIDT Groupe

French SCHMIDT Groupe (previously SALM), Lièpvre,has ordered two Batch Size 1 plants from Flensburger company Anthon GmbH.

The two new plants are intended for the new plant in Selestat where 7000 parts per shift per plant will be produced.

SALM project leader Cyrille Holota and Anthon sales director Bernd Jochims agree that this project sets new standards in Batch Size 1 plants.

The SCHMIDT Groupe employs approximately 1,450 people and operates five plants in France; three in Sélestat and one each in Lièpvre and Bergheim, as well as another plant at the Saarland location Türkismühle.

Anthon sales director Bernd Jochims said, “We will use this opportunity to support the SCHMIDT Groupe on their further expansion. This is just the beginning of a long-term partnership.”