Andreas Köck: “Scheuch is here and is here to stay!”


Andreas Köck was made managing director of Scheuch Asia Ltd since May 2016. Based in Bangkok, Thailand, he shares his vision for building the wood-based panel side of the business in Asia.

Mr. Köck, let’s start with a straight-forward question, why Scheuch Ltd. here and now?

Well, you have to know that we have equipped companies here in Asia for more than three decades via European main suppliers so the clients know and value our products. We thought it was about time to provide direct and reliable service and support for our customers in the same time zone. Furthermore we sense an upcoming awareness for environmental topics in the ASEAN-region.

So as you are now in the start-up stage, what do you concentrate on?

First and foremost we want to get in contact with our customers and want to provide local infrastructure as soon as possible – right now I am concentrating on establishing service capacities here in Asia as this is one of the most urgent demands our clients have.

And what about your long-term goals?

We strongly believe that the ASEAN market in the long run is a strong and stable one. The international experience we gathered within the last 53 years will be a major advantage for us and our customers. We are determined to establish Scheuch Asia Ltd as a permanent partner. Scheuch is here and is here to stay! We are definitely no pop-up business. We will be the go-to office for all our customers here in the long-term. It will be a big benefit for all our clients to know there is someone who is familiar with their demands.

What – despite local presence – can you offer your customers here in Asia?

Quite a lot, if I may say so… On the one hand we offer essential pneumatic and bagfilter systems for board production of European design and quality. Our products are reliable, efficient and made for the highest demands. And on the other hand we provide state-of-the-art air pollution control systems for clean air.


So how do you convince a company to invest in your clean air systems if this of course implies additional costs and no immediate return on investment?

It is my personal believe that clean air is a basic human right. When on business trips I come face to face with so many unnecessary emission sources. Blue haze or even black smoke out of chimneys not only harm health and nature but also economic sectors like tourism – especially here in Asia. Governments around the world become more and more aware of that fact and start to set stricter regulations that often force companies to act. On the other hand air solution systems also fit into strategic plans of some of our clients. We consider ourselves an experienced advisor. Here in Asia we are looking for the first – let me call him brave – investor to spend money on clean air. I am convinced this will be the right way for many companies in the long term…

What seems to be the biggest challenge in the near future?

I guess the biggest challenge is to make the customer aware that there is a big difference between buying reasonable and buying cheap… A lot of companies experienced that buying cheap or low quality causes a lot of troubles: hidden costs, downtime, stress… Our customers want to act global and therefore need a globally competitive and reliable partner. And that is exactly what we stand for here at Scheuch Asia Ltd.


Born and raised in Salzburg, Austria, Andreas Köck has been working in the international wood-based panel industry for more than 20 years. He started his career with two well-known panel board producers in the production, project and quality managing field. In addition he worked for a main machine supplier as world-wide sales manager for three years. Andreas Köck joined Scheuch as a general manager for the wood-based panel industry in 2007.