“An advanced economy with a strong tradition”: Biesse Group expands to Japan

Biesse Group will be establishing a new premise in Osaka, Japan to strengthen its presence across the country. Daniele Campetella, managing director of Biesse Group Asia and Biesse China, tells us more about it.

By Yap Shi Quan

Biesse participated in Mokkiten Japan 2021

Can you share with us the details for the launch of Biesse Japan?
Daniele Campetella: Biesse Group entered the Japanese market approximately 25 years ago. Last year, we established Biesse Japan K. K. to strengthen our presence in the Japanese market. It is an incorporated company with a shared capital of 5 million yen, wholly owned by Biesse Group Asia.

We are in the middle of securing a premise in Osaka, Japan, as the permanent office and showroom. The official launch of Biesse Japan K. K. is expected to be between Q4 2022 and Q1 2023, once the office and showroom in Osaka are ready. There is already a fully operating sales and service team that operates across Japan. With the expansion of Biesse Group’s business and network into Japan, the team will continue to grow to accommodate the market needs.

What are Biesse’s expectations for the launch?
Campetella: Japan is a very important market to Biesse Group. It is a country with huge potential that combines an advanced economy
with a strong tradition, not just in wood processing but in the transformation of other materials as well.

In this framework, Biesse Group, with over 50 years of global experience in developing and manufacturing solutions to the service of an array of industries, can support processes transformation, provide technology, and help to increase efficiency, high standards of productivity and ultimately competitiveness.

“By strengthening our presence in Japan, we aim to have an even better and unbiased insight into the local market, to look at it from a new perspective and to understand better the challenges our partners and customers are facing.” — Daniele Campetella, Managing Director, Biesse Group Asia and Biesse China

Why did Biesse decide to expand into the Japanese woodworking market?
Campetella: For a company that achieves 80% of its consolidated turnover abroad, it is natural for Biesse Group to constantly look around for new market expansion opportunities and to strengthen its position. What makes Japan interesting to Biesse Group lies on the general evolution and transformation of an important industry, such as woodworking. We also see an ongoing shift of mindset and receptiveness towards new ways of working.

Since Biesse Group stepped into the Japanese market through valuable partnerships with various local organisations, the company can no longer deny the significance of this market, with the aweing demand for technologies from the industries. Although the export trend is not substantial according to the data, wood product manufacturers have slowly started to venture overseas to seek export opportunities. In this respect, Biesse Group can support the manufacturers in enhancing their competitiveness in the global market, which ensures consistent quality, high productivity and efficiency through advanced technology and intelligent machines.

In line with the objective mentioned earlier, a subsidiary was officially founded in Japan in March 2021 as a response to the industry and market needs.

This article first appeared in the July/August issue of Panels & Furniture Asia. To read on, click here.