America’s first high-rise built completely out of wood will be located in Oregon

A rendering of the proposed building, Framework, which will be the very first high-rise in the United States to be built completely out of wood. Image credit: Lever Architecture

According to Business Insider, in Portland, Oregon, United States (U.S.), city officials have approved a construction permit for the very first high-rise building in the nation built completely out of wood.

The construction of the 11-storey building, named Framework, brings positivity to both developers and state officials: Developers regard it as a milestone in wood technology, and state officials hope that the construction would help parts of rural Oregon revitalise a flagging timber industry.

Framework will be built out of cross-laminated timber (CLT), which has proven to be able to withstand earthquakes, and developers worked closely with Oregon State University and Portland State University to demonstrate that the materials that will be used for construction meet all building and fire safety codes.

The high-rise building will be home to Beneficial State bank, as well as its subsidiary, Albina Community Bank, along with subsidised apartments.

Construction of Framework is slated to begin in the fall.