American Hardwood Southeast Asia Supplement 2019


Vietnamese growth offsets challenging year in China for U.S. hardwoods
Trade wars, tariff s, slowing Asian economies, and even a harsh winter all led to a challenging year for US hardwood exports in 2018. Nevertheless, thanks to a strong start to the year and growing demand in SE Asia, 2018 still totaled the 2nd best year ever for exports of US hardwood products.

Red Oak: the Main American Hardwood
There has never been a better time to buy American red oak. That’s partly because it’s in plentiful supply, partly because it is now very affordable and competitive, with the price diff erential versus European oak as wide as it’s ever been.

Mike Snow: Furniture export in the age of illegal timber regulations – the American Hardwood advantage
It is clear that Asia is well placed to exploit comparative advantages in the global market for wooden furniture and handicrafts. Backed by a strong woodworking tradition, high skills, and competitive labour rates, the region’s manufacturers have earned a strong international reputation for their ability to supply high quality and fashionable products at a competitive
price. To maintain this growth, however, manufacturers must deal with the related challenges of depletion of traditional sources of wood supply