Altendorf’s new digital operator guidance system one of the highlights at LIGNA

A new offering

Visitors from all over the world were treated to the new Altendorf MAGIS, a smart software that pulls the data from cut optimisation, detects the configuration of the saw, and visualises everything. However, it is not a cut optimisation programme.

“Altendorf MAGIS is flexible and very helpful when it comes to optimising operations and processes in small and medium-sized businesses. It makes work with the sliding table saw easier and safer and consequently helps firms to boost their profitability,” managing director of Altendorf, Joerg F Mayer, said.

A combination of saws

The Schelling s45 cut-to-size saw is also sold alongside the upgraded Altendorf F 45 sliding table saw. Compared to the F 45, which offers great flexibility in further processing cut panel formats, the Schelling s45 saw is better geared toward cutting large panels to size in series production.

“A combination of the two machines can make many businesses more productive. The Schelling s45 is a sensible complement to the sliding table saw especially when it comes to mitre cuts for large or long panels,” Mayer explained.

The upgraded F 45 offers an optional air table, and three different working heights, among other enhancements. The optional compressed-air unit operates on the right side of the saw blade, providing an air cushion to lower the frictional resistance between the material and the machine by up to 80 per cent, meaning the operator need not apply as much force as before.

With international demand for lower machines from Altendorf, the F 45 now offers three working heights for operators, and when ordering the machine, customers can specify which height they require.