Altendorf wins German Occupational Safety Award 2021 with patented technology

HAND GUARD (Photo: Altendorf)

Altendorf, a producer of circular saws for small-scale wood, metal and plastic manufacturing based in Minden, Germany, has won the German Occupational Safety Award 2021 with their HAND GUARD technology.

The patented HAND GUARD early warning system is fitted with two camera systems. This optical system is an industry breakthrough in terms of technical safety using artificial intelligence (AI) for hand detection, according to Altendorf. HAND GUARD recognises potential risks based on special AI hand detection software long before an accident can occur. In the event of an acute threat to fingers or hands, the saw blade quickly retracts within a quarter of a second underneath the workbench. In doing so, HAND GUARD offers protection for users prior to a tangible risk or even injury.

Karl-Friedrich Schröder, head of research and development at Altendorf, commented: “After more than three years of research and development work, we are extremely proud and delighted to be awarded such a groundbreaking prize. For us, HAND GUARD plays a key part in significantly improving safety at work for our customers and is testament to the work we do.

“Part of this success story is down to our innovative and successful collaboration with the professional association for wood and metal (BGHM) and the Institute for Occupational Health and Safety.”

Altendorf was able to proudly come out on top in a field of 176 applicants. The prize was awarded on 26 Oct 2021 as part of a hybrid prize ceremony at the International Congress on Occupational Health and Safety (A+A) in Düsseldorf.