Altendorf HAND GUARD certified tested safe in Germany

HAND GUARD is certified safe by the German “GS” seal

Altendorf has announced the certification of HAND GUARD by the German Wood and Metal Trade Association (BGHM) with the German “GS” seal of tested safety, which means that up to 120 reportable accidents per month in Germany in connection with sliding table saws can be almost completely prevented with HAND GUARD.

HAND GUARD is a camera-based safety assistance system for sliding table saws that leverages artificial intelligence (AI). It is said to comply with the certification standards, with functionality with hand speeds of up to 2m/s, the requirement of performance level C, and appropriate hand detection reliability.

Altendorf worked with the Trade Association (TA) on developing HAND GUARD to redefine a high safety standard for sliding table saws.

“As a developer of premium sliding table saws, for us it was especially important to conduct further research, to ultimately bring a safety system that would almost entirely prevent accidents to the market,” said Peter Schwenk, CEO of Altendorf group. “We’re moving forward as pioneers with HAND GUARD. There is no comparable system, which also complies with the conditions of this certification.”

Following the EU-wide start of deliveries, HAND GUARD will also be shipped in North America after successful UL/CSA certification, coinciding with the worldwide marketing launch.