Altendorf Group wins ISSA Section Machine and System Safety Award with HAND GUARD system

The ISSA Section Machine and System Safety Award

Woodworking machinery manufacturer Altendorf Group has been crowned the winner of the ISSA Section Machine and System Safety Award with its HAND GUARD Safety Assistance System.

An organisation for social security institutions, government departments and agencies, the International Social Security Association (ISSA) came up with the award as a commitment to improve safety and health at work in the field of machine and system safety worldwide.

The award, relaunched every three years, motivates machine manufacturers to pursue excellence in machine safety and ergonomics, striving to mitigate accidents and reduce human suffering and financial burdens on social insurance systems.

As such, the ISSA Section Machine and System Safety Award stands as a testament to the Altendorf’s “dedication to pushing the boundaries of safety innovation within the woodworking industry”, according to the press release.

Integrated into sliding table saws, the HAND GUARD system utilises advanced cameras and artificial intelligence to achieve an immediate disappearance of the saw blade when there is any dangerous approach, thanks to the recognition of specific hand characteristics. This not only prevents severe hand injuries but also sets new standards for machine safety across industries.

“We are honoured and elated to be recognised by the ISSA Section Machine and System Safety for our HAND GUARD safety assistance system,” said Peter Schwenk, CEO of the Altendorf Group.

“This achievement underscores our unwavering dedication to creating innovative solutions that prioritise the safety and wellbeing of workers globally. The HAND GUARD system represents a leap forward in machine safety, and we are proud to contribute to the Vision Zero strategy.”

The international Vision Zero strategy aims to reduce work place accidents across the world to zero.

The award ceremony is scheduled to take place at the prestigious 23rd World Congress of Safety and Health at Work in Sydney, Australia from 27-30 Nov 2023.

This event will provide a platform for industry leaders and innovators to celebrate safety advancements and exchange insights on enhancing workplace wellbeing.

Altendorf Group expresses its gratitude to the ISSA Section Machine and System Safety for the award and “looks forward to continuing its mission of reshaping safety standards and contributing to a safer, more productive future for workers worldwide”.