Altendorf Group presents new generation of edgebanders

The new K34, shorter than the K36

The Altendorf Group has upgraded Hebrock’s new F- and K-Series edgebanders, which are said to be faster, more productive and more efficient than before.

According to Altendorf Group, the K-Series, inclusive of the K36 and K37 edgebanders, have undergone upgrades. The former 10-inch display has been replaced by a 15-inch touch display with high-resolution 3D graphics. In addition to the glue pot, all of the machine’s other units can be viewed in compressed form on one page, and various settings can be made, such as regulating the temperature of the glue pot.

Energy consumption is reportedly close to zero in standby mode. In addition, the feed rate has improved from 10m/min to 15m/min, thus increasing production efficiency. Furthermore, by realigning the cross-cut knife, or the guillotine, to the first pressure roller, workpieces with a minimum length of 140mm can be approached and machined.

The milling stations have also been updated with a new space-saving design that simplifies adjustment work on the unit.

To meet the various needs of edgebander users, Hebrock has also launched the K34. This machine is just under half a metre shorter than the K36. In the interests of compression, the focus on this model has been placed on the four most important processing units.

The upgraded F5

For the F-Series edgebander, inclusive of F2, F4 or F5, the upgraded F-Series also features a 15″ touch display, an automatic standby mode, and increased feed rate. The LED workpiece tracking lamp at the machine infeed provides visual assistance during workpiece loading.

On the F-Series next, the hood has been raised by 100mm. This allows the machine operator simpler and therefore more ergonomic handling when changing the glue pot system.