Altendorf Group awarded for productivity in Hebrock factory

Altendorf receiving the award (Image: Altendorf)

The Altendorf Group has received the Productivity Award from Concept, for developing a line production with defined work contents for 14 stations and implementing the new structure in a short time.

Concept is a consulting firm that develops factory-, operations-, or business-related solutions that reportedly increase productivity for their clients.

According to Altendorf, the Hebrock-brand factory hall was converted and equipped so that the machines can move continuously from station to station with a cycle time of 105 minutes. Hebrock is a brand under Altendorf that produces edgebanding machines.

The time target is monitored as part of digital store floor management and accompanied by a continuous improvement process (CIP). This achievement was awarded the Productivity Award.

“We have completely turned our production around and, as a result, increased the weekly output of edge banding machines by around 67%. Today, we work many times more efficiently, because the digital support and the CIP accelerate our internal control processes enormously,” said Roman Kühnlein, managing director of Hebrock.