AFCA gets funding to improve heavy vehicle safety

The Australian Forest Contractors Association (AFCA) has been allocated $140,000 to support its Professional Ownership and Driver Wellbeing program (PODW Program) through the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator’s (NHVR) 2019 Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative, which is supported by the Federal Government.

Stacey Gardiner, AFCA General Manager, said that the funding would support the organisation to improve heavy vehicle safety.

“AFCA is pleased to be partnered with Australian Trucking Safety Services & Solutions (ATSSS) and KJ Training and Consulting to deliver the PODW Program which will provide fundamental psychoeducation tools, addressing the ‘human factors’, for those at highest risk within the forestry industry of a heavy vehicle accident,” Ms Gardiner said.

“The PODW Program will be delivered via a series of over 30 free forestry sessions across Australia, specifically targeting drivers, management and staff within the forest industry”.

Mr Alan Pincott, Director ATSSS said: “Data from recent forestry heavy vehicle incidents has shown a trend in ‘human factors’ such as inattention and complacency contributing to crashes”.

The PODW program provides an opportunity to address these factors and complements work already occurring within the industry relating to Chain of Responsibility, Registered Codes of Practice and training about significant risks Responsibility, Registered Codes of Practice and training about significant risks such as truck rollovers.

NHVR CEO Sal Petroccitto said the funding was part of $5.4 million being distributed across the country.

“Heavy vehicle safety is everyone’s responsibility, and through local safety programs, we can make our roads safer for all road users,” Mr Petroccitto said. “Twenty-four recipients from across Australia will be supported to roll out programs targeting heavy vehicle safety. From fire prevention, to truckie mental health, to safe livestock transport these diverse projects will all make a big difference to safety.

“The NHVR is looking forward to working with the winning bids to ensure the projects deliver safety outcomes for all road users.”