Acimall releases Q1 results of Italian woodworking technology market

Acimall has released the latest figures of the woodworking technology market in Italy, declaring that Q1 2022 had positive results, despite differences from the previous quarter.

According to Acimall, in the January to March 2022 period orders increased by 21.7% over the same quarter of 2021, as a result of 35.1% expansion on the domestic market, and a moderate 3.3% growth recorded by export.

“We are paying a high fee for the difficult situation of purchasing and supply chains”, said Luigi De Vito, president of Acimall. “The global economic and production system is facing a situation that has been worsened by the war in Eastern Europe, as well as the enduring uncertainty about possible pandemic developments in the second half of the year.

“Right now, it is still hard to say when we will go back to normal, and once again, our entrepreneurs will have to hold the rudder firmly, trying to navigate their companies in a situation where any prediction and decision appears to be difficult.”

A quality survey conducted by Acimall showed that 48% of the sample expects the positive trend of production to continue; 52% expect substantial stability. Employment is on the rise according to 38% of the sample, and is stable according to 62%. Thirty-three percent of the sample believes that stocks are stable, while 48% believe they are increasing, and 19% believe they are decreasing.

However, less optimism is emerging compared to the past. On foreign markets, 48% of the sample expects a period of stability, 33% sees further expansion, while 19% fears shrinkage. The domestic market will remain at the current level according to 43% of the interviewees, 33% expects that it will keep growing, and 24% expects it will decrease.