Acimall: Italian woodworking production output up 11.5 percent in 2016

In 2016, Italian woodworking machinery production worth reached EUR 2,078 million, an 11.5 percent increase, according to the Italian association of woodworking machinery manufacturers Acimall. The increment is similar to 2014 – 2015 figures where an 11.7 percent increase was recorded.

Export growth slowed down however, amounting to EUR 1,486 million, a 5.1 percent increase from 2015 compared to the previous period of 12.7 percent over 2014.

These are positive signs, compared to a domestic market that – driven by public incentives and measures to support industrial activity and consumption – in 2016 amounted to EUR 592 million, as much as 31.6 percent more than total sales on the domestic market in the previous year.

These results give reason for optimism and show that the industry is inching towards a previous record production level of EUR2,159 million in 2007.

The association however highlight concerns that may trip future growth.

“Made in Italy” woodworking technology and products are often exported to Russia and Brazil—two countries currently undergoing complicated economic, political and social change. Italian manufacturers are also facing increasing competition for market share in Southeast Asia with Chinese manufacturers. Sales in US, which, in recent years increased buying by 40 percent now risk instability.