Acimall appoints new president and vice-president for next term

From left: Marianna Daschini, outgoing vice-president; Luigi De Vito, outgoing president; Enrico Aureli, Acimall president in 2023-2026; and Raphaël Prati, Acimall vice-president in 2023-2026 (Image: Acimall)

Enrico Aureli, vice-president of SCM Group, is the new president of Acimall for the 2023-2026 term, succeeding Luigi De Vito, general manager at SCM Group.

Since 2008, he has been sitting in the management board of SCM Group, improving his skills in the woodworking technology. He is also a board member of Ucima, the Italian association of packaging machinery manufacturers, where he held the role of president from 2016-2020.

Aureli will be supported by Raphaël Prati, chief marketing and communications officer at Biesse, who succeeded Marianna Daschini, managing director at Greda.

The assembly of the association of Italian manufacturers of wood and furniture technology gathered in the Assago, Milan, Italian headquarters to unanimously approve the proposal presented by the board of directors.

“I am proud of representing an industry with such deep roots and much more to achieve at national and international level,” Aureli said, thanking the audience of entrepreneurs.

“The entire board of Acimall, the vice-president Raphaël Prati – whom I want to thank for accepting my invitation to share this challenge with me – and myself will continue to work in the same direction, to provide our member companies with services and opportunities to operate as a system, as this is the mission of any modern industry association.

“Such commitment will require to deploy projects with a wider scope and to stand close to all those who choose to share Acimall’s values.”