Accsys improves Accoya production with new wood handling equipment

Photo: Accsys

Accsys has upgraded its manufacturing capabilities with a new wood handling machine and process, which have now entered the commissioning stage at its flagship facility in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Accsys specialises in wood processing and modified wood production, and constructing and operating acetylation plants, and have developed Accoya and Tricoya, which are sustainable wood-based materials for the built environment.

Known internally as Stacker II, the new wood handling equipment will provide safety, quality and efficiency improvements in sorting and preparing the sustainably sourced raw wood to be transformed through the company’s acetylation process into Accoya wood.

Following the commissioning process, Stacker II is expected to ramp up its operation speed and capacity over the first few months of 2022. The increased throughput provided by the new machinery will be aligned with the completion and operation of the fourth reactor, growing annual Accoya wood production capacity at the site by 33% from 60,000-80,000m3.

Francis Lenders, site managing director for Accsys Arnhem, commented: “We aim to delight our customers, and the desire from all over the globe for more Accoya has driven our rapid expansion in recent years. This milestone is one part of Accsys’s global growth strategy to build five times capacity by 2025, and delivering on it as planned and scheduled back in 2019 – despite the changing COVID situation – is a great achievement we are all proud of.

“The addition of Stacker II, with the increased production capacity from our new reactor coming soon, will help us provide the world with more, and help us further improve our levels of safety for our colleagues, and quality of our products, here in Arnhem.”