A warm, rustic wooden distillery befitting of Jack Daniel’s delicious whiskey

The event room in Barrel House 1-14, Jack Daniel Distillery, Tennessee.

Whiskey maturing in barrels 

If you have ever toured a distillery, you will know that it is an olfactory experience. As a barrel of whiskey matures, a portion of its contents is lost to evaporation over the years. This creates the “angel’s share”, a delightful scent that fills the place.

In seeking ways to enhance the visitor experience, Jack Daniel’s converted its oldest barrel house, built in 1938, to create an unrivalled whiskey sampling experience—including making the most out of the classic “angel’s share”.


Tour path entry

The building has two areas: a part active barrel house where real whiskey is maturing, and part refined sampling environment.

Juxtaposing the rugged heavy timber-framed building with the exacting detail of a steel and glass framing system, the design brings together the historic, functional authenticity of the barrel house with detailing suitable for contemporary visitors engaged in close conversation.

Tasting room

Text and images: Clickspring Design