A Treehouse-like Hotspring Resort

The Meijie Mountain Hotspring Resort project is Netherlands architecture firm, Achterbosch Zantman’s first project in China. It consists of 40 “treehouse” villas high up between the trees, six spa units and a large spa-clubhouse over 1500m2 in size.

Meijie Mountain Hotspring Resort uses local wood

Achterbosch Zantman is the winner of the WAN-Awards 2017 for the Meijie Mountain Hotspring Resort project in Liyang, China. The WAN jury also mentioned that this design is the benchmark for sustainable designs.

The tree-top houses are elevated on high poles between the bamboo-trees in the middle of Nanshan jungle, surrounded by a beautiful valley with fields filled with tea plants, ponds and a lake.

The villas in the resort are perched atop high poles to create a treehouse effect

The villas are cladded with local wood. Energy for the tree-top houses is collected from burning woodchips and solar panels. There were also exchange projects between Liyang and Leeuwarden to exchange knowledge of food and horticulture, allowing this architectural project to be truly sustainable on many different levels.

The villas in winter

*All images are credited to Anna de Leeuw