A showroom unit, a land of simple Zen

In Chengdu, China, one of the showroom units in the Chengdu Wanhua Luxelakes Eco-City is a land of simple Zen. Black, white, and grey are the main wood-based spatial décor, which fill this sanctuary with Zen and a softer atmosphere. Vertical wooden bars separate the interior of the home, giving the occupants a sense of privacy and offering a cosy warmth.

The simple design eschews complicated appearances and ever-changing trends, instead pursuing minimalism, and highlighting the nature of a plain and fulfilled life. Neat lines and natural materials, simple and elegant, such as stone and wood show the beauty of harmony.

With the poetic and elegant aesthetics, though the unit is capable of sheltering the occupant in the middle of a bustling city, offering a reclusive life.

Architect: Shenzhen Qianxun Design Co., Ltd

Designers: Li Jianmei
Location:Tianfu New District, Chengdu, China
Year of completion: 2017
Photo credits: Li Jianmei