A record-breaking intake for Scheuch

Scheuch Group is completing the 2016/2017 fiscal year with incoming orders totaling more than €200 million (US$218 million) – an all-time high in the company’s history.

The consistent expansion strategy Scheuch has persisted in pursuing is bringing in returns in the form of the highest incoming order value since the company was founded and established five decades ago. Now a leader in technology for clean air, the results recorded is based in continuing activities in the DACH countries – Germany, Austria, and Switzerland – and various other transnational projects that involve international branch offices. Presently, the company’s top priorities are the installation of a branch office in Germany with a focus on the metal industry, and to strengthen the cooperation with two new subsidiaries in the United States (US).

As the global population continues to boom, so is the demand for energy, food, and raw materials. Simultaneously, environmental issues are becoming increasingly important. And right technology is Scheuch’s secret to success, with the company able to offer numerous solutions for environmental issues. “Clean air is our mission – our systems reduce industrial emissions throughout the world. With our branch offices all around the globe we are in the position to locally support our customers,” Joerg Jeliniewski, Managing Director of Scheuch GmbH, said. “This proximity to our partners is of the utmost importance.”

With that target in mind, Scheuch passed over the €200 million mark for the very first time with the end of the fiscal year 2016/2017. “This encouraging result proves that our internationalisation strategy works. We are on the right track,” Stefan Scheuch, Managing Director of Scheuch GmbH, concluded.


Firmly planted in the DACH region

“Notwithstanding our growth aspirations we are not planning to lose sight of the DACH region – with the help of investments in our home market we continue to stay competitive and at the same time secure the location in Upper Austria in the long run,” Joerg Jeliniewski and Stefan Scheuch agreed. Recently, keeping in the theme for continuous expansion, Scheuch opened a brand new branch office in Recklinghausen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, that will focus on the metal industry there. A team of four experienced staff members will use their extensive knowledge regarding the development and production of dedusting, emission, and extraction control systems.


Unity in joint projects

“Admittedly the distance between Austria and the USA (United States of America) is bigger than the distance between the European branch offices and the headquarters in Aurolzmuenster but I dare say that the “Spirit of Scheuch” arrived safe and sound at our new subsidiaries in the US,” Stefan Scheuch proudly reported. The company’s impressive expansion across the Atlantic Ocean played a notable role in the organisation’s development, allowing them to take on a recent major joint order. Their client, headquartered in Europe, chose Scheuch as their turnkey solution because Schust Engineering pledged to assume the project management in the US. “We positioned ourselves as a native US company with access to technology from the heart of Europe – this regional setup in North America was essential for our customer,” Jeliniewski remarked.

This project is a splendid example showing how common goals can work together to unite a global acting company. Stefan Scheuch is convinced that “once more we have forged closer ties…”

Once again, integrating the new subsidiaries continue to play a large role in the company. “After all it is the diversity within the Scheuch Group that is the key to success,” Stefan Scheuch, the son of the company founder, concluded.


Source: Scheuch