A playful, unique, and easily assembled observation tower for Nature area De Onlanden

Playful and eye-catching, the observation tower in Peize, Netherlands, designed by Ateliereen Architecten was configured to give those climbing up and down unique viewpoints of Nature area De Onlanden near the city of Groningen.

Recognisable and easily assembled, the tower fits naturally into the surrounding environment and open countryside. Walking up, the open top does not give visitors the feel of being in an observation tower, but a path between the trees instead.

The wooden slats covering the sides and bottom of the tower not only add to the shape and continuity of the tower, it adds an air of playfulness as well, turning the structure from an otherwise boring tower to a whimsical, lively one.


Location: Groningen, Peize, Netherlands
Date of completion: January 2018
Architect: Ateliereen Architecten (Eindhoven)
Image credits: Ateliereen Architecten (Eindhoven)