A place of worship, silence and prayer, the Chapel of Silence is open to everyone

Preceded by a uphill walk, the Chapel of Silence, located in the province of Brescia, Botticino, Italy, can be found at the top of a valley, surrounded by vast woodlands on three sides, and a vineyard on the fourth.

Six metres long, six metres high, and three metres wide, the chapel is entirely constructed by wood coated with bitumen, lending it its black colour. Created by the local community with various religious beliefs, the Chapel is open to all, and meant to be a place of silence, prayer, and worship.

The wooden chapel also introduces a measured, calculated bond with nature, and the black curtain can be used to control the level of intimacy wanted with the outside. Dark leather pillows can be freely arranged within the structure.


Location: Brescia, Botticino, Italy
Date of completion: 2017
Architects: STUDIO associates
Image credits: STUDIO associates