A pine pavilion fit for the pine resin history of the Huangyu village

Located on a slice of land lying between the Songyin River dam and a fishpond leading to the Xiahuangyu village, the pine pavilion is a linear structure made of prefabricated wood and glass that is part art installation and mixed-used space housing a tearoom and retail area.

Designed by DnA_Design and Architecture, the artwork presents a creative interpretation of the historical production of pine resin in the neighbouring village.

The elongated hall consists of four segmented halls separated by glass, with narrow passages between each hall with the intent to build around pine trees on site, preserving them and including them as part of the artwork. The glass screens invite visitors to look in at the art installation of the history of pine resin manufacturing in the Huangyu village, while providing unobstructed view of the vast water landscape.

Passages between the halls

The entire structure is build around the trees on site to preserve them

Along the pavilion spans a paved path along the river, just close by. The tourism infrastructure invites cyclists and hikers to visit and experience the region on foot, a perfect way to connect the architectural to the landscape.

According to the architect, the entire artwork is like a Bonsai– a pine pavilion offering an introspection and conversation of its own history, with a grander pine forest landscape as backdrop.  

*Images are credited to Ziling Wang