47th China International Furniture Fair (Guangzhou) to kick off in two phases

With 750,000 square metres of exhibition space, 4,000 exhibitors, 300,000 visitors, over 20 inspiring design exhibitions and about 100 conferences, the 47th edition of the China International Furniture Fair (CIFF) is about to open its doors in Guangzhou over two phases – from 18 to 21 March and from 28 to 31 March.

Over the years, CIFF has increasingly becoming a place for meeting and dialogue: a reference point for design, good living and smart working where communication comes to life starting from the products to face what people really need. From edition to edition, design events and conferences are multiplying, giving more space to renowned designers, trend experts, design brands, as well as the media, trade associations, academies and young talents. Between real and virtual, without neglecting the commercial and business aspects, CIFF creates a culture to increase understanding and new solutions to offer people ever higher living standards.

Main themed events scheduled at the Canton Fair Complex during CIFF Guangzhou 2021:

“Design Spring” Contemporary Chinese Furniture Design Show which, evoking the “Trinity of art, design and life”, under the direction ofWen Hao, (Dean of Furniture Research Institute, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts) and the activity of famous designers including Hou Zhengguang, Song Tao, Mao Jihong, Wu Bin and Liu Feng, will showcase in an exhibition area of 20,000 square meters with more than 80 Chinese original home design brands, hundreds of Chinese artists and designers to promote the development of Chinese design and offer a guide to visitors so that they may better understand the current level of design achieved.
Chief curator Wen Hao defined this exhibition as “Chinese original furniture in the process of upgrading from art to life, from China to the world, from the present to the future, and from thought to action”.

2030+ International Future Office, the themed exhibitions jointly organised by CIFF Guangzhou and China National Furniture Association, aims to discover the latest trends in the workplace and explore the multiple expressions of art and humanity. The exhibition combines multimedia and new technologies to create an immersive environment that engages the five senses and stimulates thought and exploration, bringing together the world’s leading office furniture brands alongside contemporary and avant-garde works of art, including Steelcase, Knoll, Lamex, K+N, Sitland, Cassina, Magis, Gan, Avarte, Hettich, Nreal and Dyson.

The Design Dream Show (DDS), this year under the theme “Pick Up & Give Up”, will present seven different domestic space scenarios, including restaurants, living rooms, personal libraries, tea rooms, bathrooms and balconies, to drive the senses to integrate into nature and enjoy a greater quality of life.

Ten Parallel Space Exhibition – “Easy Party”, the interactive project created by CIFF (Guangzhou) which, thanks to the selection of ten well-known brands and ten famous designers, will give life to ten spaces with different personalities to offer inspiration and suggestions.

Guangzhou: City&Life • Day&Night, the exhibition aims to connect design, culture and home decor, simultaneously reflecting the Guangzhou lifestyle in a multidimensional way thanks to the activity of 15 home decor bloggers that are followed by over 500,000 fans and who have been recruited to interpret crossover brands such as Fangsuo, Nayuki, 1828 Wanglaoji, Guangzhou Restaurant, Taotaoju, Diandoude.

CMF Trend Lab aims to provide information to best market trends by offering information to explore the diverse possibilities of CMF (colour, materials, and surfaces), innovation, present a forward-looking and innovative trend exhibition to the audience, and help designers and corporate brands grasp the future trends of home design in the first time, thus producing saleable products. Jamy Yang, the founder of Yang Design, the most famous industrial design consulting company in China, will present four labs: Fabricated Experience Lab, RONG Craft Material Lab, Waste-Free Lab and the Exquisite Laziness Lab.

My Daddy is a Designer at its debut in 2020 was a great success; the Firefly Museum 2021 will continue to collaborate with designer “dads” to bring “childlike innocence” to the furniture industry and demonstrate the power of design for children’s furniture.

Office Environment Theme Pavilion will focus on the theme “Youth · Vitality · Colour @ 2021”. Choosing your job means choosing your dreams; the thematic pavilion will lead guests to explore the needs of the younger generation in the office space and the influence of the changing factors in their growth on the office environment.

Intelligence Lead FutureChina First Smart Sleep Expo 2021 with the acceleration of the arrival of 5G, the smart home is becoming more and more a reality and with it the technology related to sleep: smart mattresses, smart beds, smart pillows, smart sleeping blankets, sleep aids, etc., future products and integrated sleep solutions will meet people’s needs in different aspects.
The exhibition space will be divided into two parts: a display area dedicated to the top 10 brands and a TED forum area where, in cooperation with Furniture Today, experts and representatives of Internet technology companies will discuss future trends and present how the industry can scientifically improve our life and our rest and relaxation.

The Global Garden Lifestyles Festival 2021 has been committed to promoting the exchange and cooperation of Chinese and foreign outdoor garden lifestyles, aiming to present a natural yet comfortable outdoor life. Gathering the suggestions of well-known designers from all over the country and integrating traditional Indonesian cultural elements with cutting-edge outdoor materials, the festival invites the visitor to witness a slow pace of life that is closer to nature.

Home Furnishing Design Show, jointly hosted by CFTE and Guangdong Furniture Association, will investigate Chinese design culture and identify its accomplishments under the theme “Chasing China”. The exhibitions will involve 50 national colleges and universities, as well as industry leaders.

47th CIFF Guangzhou
Phase 1 | 18 to 21 March 2021
Home furniture, homedecor & hometextile, outdoor & leisure furniture
Phase 2 | 28 to 31 March 2021
Office furniture, commercial furniture, hotel furniture and furniture machinery & raw materials

For more information on CIFF, visit www.ciff.furniture.