3D Viewer & AR feature: Coohom’s 3D visualisation function

Coohom’s 3D Viewer & AR feature aims to optimise product presentation to achieve higher sales goals, and with its 3D visualisation capability, it has four different business solutions prepared for manufacturers and retailers in areas of furniture, kitchen and bath, office space, home appliance, finishing and accessories fields, and more.

The augmented reality (AR) feature preempts the trend that most end consumers now shop online for all kinds of goods. The AR gives customers the immersive experience in real time, which aims to heighten customer satisfaction and purchasing rate, but also lowers the material costs and return rate.

“Many people wonder about what is 3D Viewer, and how AR has anything to do with it,” said Cook Liao, head of Coohom. “The 3D Viewer & AR feature of Coohom is not just a 3D design product, it is an all-in-one product exhibit solution. It has 3D Model Exhibit, Group Model Configurator, Parametric Editor, and Panoramic E-shop in its pocket, and it allows the audience to review the product with 360° perception in detail.

“You could switch the textures, materials, styles, and edit the dimensions in real time. And after all that has been done, the AR will automatically bring your product to life and show your customers how amazing it is. What’s more convenient? Now we also have Shopify App Plugin and Open API Integration in this excellent 3D visualisation feature.”

According to Coohom, the 3D Viewer & AR renders products with 3D cloud-based technologies. The parametric editor enables users to alter the product dimensions without limitations, either expanding up or narrowing down, in single model or group models exhibitions. The newest function, the Panoramic E-shop, gives user’s customers an experience of virtual shopping.

The 3D Viewer & AR renders products with 3D cloud-based technologies (Image: Coohom)

To be more integrated and interactive for global clients, the 3D Viewer & AR of Coohom is now available to be employed on Shopify, and Coohom has an open application programme interface (API) integration programme for users who want to embed the 3D visualisation feature on their own platforms.

The 3D Viewer & AR reportedly helps businesses grow over “70% in yearly revenue”, and “85% of product conversions and exposures”.