29 groups, organisations and trade unions from Malaysia: Operating businesses during MCO must be classified as offence

In an open letter published on Malaysiakini, 29 groups, organisations and trade unions urged the government to classify operating businesses of non-essential nature as an offence.

They expressed their shock that “it seems that it is no longer an offence for companies/businesses not providing essential services to continue to operate during this movement control order(MCO) to check the spread of Covid-19”.

Such impression is formed as many companies/businesses that are not on the list of essential services are continuing to operate in Malaysia including glue factories, furniture factories and wood product factories and many others.

They opined that allowing these businesses to continue to operate not only defeats the intention of the movement control order (MCO) that has been implemented in Malaysia since March 18,  it also put hundreds of workers, as well as their families and others at serious risk of exposing themselves to the virus that can cause death.

The rest of the open letter can be read here.