19th Jowat Symposium for wood and furniture industry concludes

The Jowat Symposium 2022 in Detmold, Germany attracted a large turnout (Image: Jowat)

Jowat has concluded their symposium for the wood and furniture industry. More than 120 participants gathered at the 19th Jowat Symposium at Jowat’s headquarters in Detmold, Germany, to discuss topics centred on future viability and sustainability of the industry.

The symposium featured a series of presentations to shed light on different aspects of sustainability: the impact of changing raw material markets and disturbed supply chains on the risk management of an enterprise, strategies for building a circular economy particularly in the chemical industry, the potential of bio-based raw materials, and possible paths towards more sustainable adhesive bonding processes.

The presentations were followed by a panel discussion, in which specialists from the sub-supplier industries, external industry advisors and representatives of wood-based material, waste disposal and recycling associations discussed the importance of a functioning circular economy for sustainable industrial processes.

Christian Terfloth, managing director at Jowat, emphasised that circular flows are the cornerstone of sustainable management and can only be established if there is an open exchange between all players along the process chain.

The conference was rounded off with ideas coming from processor experiences and with new solutions from the Jowat adhesive portfolio. In addition to the presentation of the latest news from machine manufacturers and R&D, the trade foyer also provided an opportunity for open exchange with other participants.