Siempelkamp Ecoresinator P: Up to 10% glue savings in particleboard production

Panel Line Systems and Solutions

The Ecoresinator P saves up to 10% glue Building on the success of the innovative Ecoresinator blender system for fibres, Siempelkamp has developed a novel blender for particleboard production: The Ecoresinator P. Up to 10% documented glue savings makes this system a sensible investment for new or proven plants.  Since Siempelkamp first introduced its novel Ecoresinator 2011 MDF blender at LIGNA, the system. It has been proven to save …

Steinemann: Satos Sander Capabilities Expanded

Furniture, Flooring, Doors and Windows Manufacturing

Steinemann presented its Contact Drum Adjustment and Automatic Belt Oscillation retrofit packages for its Satos sander. Both options give the users additional possibilities for achieving better results in panel production. "Working in close cooperation with customers around the world, our experts are committed to achieving ever-greater perfection in the sanding process. The two options for our Satos here at LIGNA 2015 are in line with our …

Tong Fong Cutters: Helical T.C.T Flat Cutter (aluminum alloy drum)

Tools and Components

Special features: -  Suitable for moulders, profiling machines, vertical machines and other special machinery -  Reduces noise and extends machine’s durability -  Finely machined screws, removes material smoothly with no cracks and ensures a superior surface finish -  Head can be mounted l14 X 14 X 2 X 30 degrees and L14 X 14 X 2 X 37 degrees -  One of the best tools in wood processing, it easily machines …

Tong Fong Cutters: Welded Helical Fine Crusher

Tools and Components

Special features: -  For dual sided tenoners and other chip producing machines -  Reduces noise, suitable for heavy cutting -  Consumes less power, ensures tools last longer and increases productivity -  Finely machined screws, ensures finer grinding and vent duct does not clog up easily

Weinig Double-end Tenoner: Next Stage of Evolution for the ProfiShape

Furniture, Flooring, Doors and Windows Manufacturing

At Ligna 2013, the premiere of Weinig's ProfiShape captured the limelight. Two years later, the double-end tenoner will be back on the stand in the next stage of its evolution. The customer system on show has magazine charging that can be swung away and is set up for 50 parts/min to create a tongue and groove profile. The machine is equipped with 2 trimming units and 3 milling units on each milling side. The motorized adjustment of the …

Weinig: GlueEye Glue Detection System for Finger Jointing Lines

Furniture, Flooring, Doors and Windows Manufacturing

The new GlueEye glue detection system offers visual inspection of glue application for HS systems. The current glue application is compared for coverage with a prepared master image using color cameras. Lamellae with defective gluing are indicated on the touch panel and rejected based upon defined tolerances. The finger-jointing line stops after a pre-selected number of successive defective gluings. GlueEye can also improve quality since knot …

Wintersteiger Banso X-Cut: Band saw blades for mobile sawmills

Tools and Components

Customer needs led to the development of the X-Cut for mobile sawmills in blade widths from 27 to 55 mm. Wintersteiger closed a gap in its product range with this Banso band saw blade: the quality of X-Cut lies between Flex Back and Stellite® band saw blades. The saw blade scores high with an excellent price/performance ratio, high cutting performance with a precise cut surface, efficient saw-doctoring with no need to reset the teeth, and is …

Wintersteiger’s DSB Compact 310

Forestry and Sawmill

Wintersteiger’s DSB Compact 310 single-module thin-cutting band saw was developed as an entry-level model for the precise thin-cutting of wood. Adapted exactly to customer requirements, it cuts wooden blocks with a width up to 310 mm and with a kerf starting at 1.1 mm. A newly-developed conveyor belt feed system which is built on a solid-cast substructure transports wooden blocks at speeds between 1 and 16 m/min, depending on the type of …

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