GreCon: Following the Racing Line with the GreCon FORMATOR

Panel Line Systems and Solutions

GreCon FORMATOR: To reduce material fluctuations in forming to a minimumA constant material distribution in the mat is one of the most important pre-conditions for a consistent quality in MDF productions. The GreCon FORMATOR automatically reduces material fluctuations to a minimum in MDF panels, as well as within the individual panel via an automatic control process. This control process is based on the detection of material fluctuations before …

HOLZMA HPS 320 flexTec

Furniture, Flooring, Doors and Windows Manufacturing

HOLZMA launched a world-first at this year's LIGNA, the HPS 320 flexTec, which revolutionises cutting processes in custom and Batch Size 1 production. The new cutting cell has been purpose-designed down to the last technical detail for processing single panels and completely redefines the part flow – with fully automated processes and unlimited recuts. At its debut in Hannover, it proved very attractive to customers from both the …

HOMAG BMG 512: Zero Joint for Shaped Parts

Furniture, Flooring, Doors and Windows Manufacturing

Fully equipped: BMG 512 with laserTec and five-axis unit The BMG 512 CNC sliding gantry processing center with laserTec edge banding unit is used to edge shaped parts. A heavy-duty machine bed made from shock-absorbing SORB TECH ensures longer tool service life and optimum surface quality. The integrated Speed Pack with safeScan safety system works in combination with other features to deliver a high feed rate, even in shuttle operation, and …

HOMAG: TLF 411 Area Storage System: More Space for Industrial Production

Furniture, Flooring, Doors and Windows Manufacturing

TLF 411 area storage system: The ideal solution for highly efficient logistics in industrial production The TLF 411 can be connected to a wide variety of processing machines and used with a broad range of panel types. The TLF 411 design can accommodate widths of up to 16 m and travel path lengths of over 50 m — it is a design with virtually no limits. In addition, the storage system operates at speeds of up to 120 m/min, ensuring that …

Hoon Hsiang Industrial Co.: HBR-268 Horizontal Band Saw

Furniture, Flooring, Doors and Windows Manufacturing

Special features: -  Features air loaded pressure roller instead of conventional spring loaded pressure rollers. This air load saves time on adjusting pressure roller position when cutting wood of varying thickness. -  Pressure rollers are easily adjustable in the vertical direction to process wood of varying thickness. -  Maximum pressing thickness of 200mm -  Blade tension is controlled by hydraulic system, ensuring …

Hundegger Automatic Cutting Machine TURBO-Drive

Construction and Structural Components

Automatic cutting machine TURBO-Drive With the TURBO-Drive automatic cutting machine, cross-sections from 20 mm x 40 mm to 160 mm x 450 mm can be cut quickly, flexibly and precisely. The machine can also carry out drilling, milling and marking operations of all types, giving it the name, the "all-round talent" of Hans Hundegger Maschinenbau AG. This machine also enables fast cutting with additional processing options at incredible speed. The …

Hundegger Joinery Machine ROBOT-Drive Solo

Construction and Structural Components

Joinery machine ROBOT-Drive Solo – dovetail on jack rafter From the CAD drawing to the finished part – the ‘ROBOT-Drive Solo’ is now also offered as a low-cost variant without additional saw unit and can process all parts from six sides at any angle and inclination, all this in a single run, without the part needing to be rotated or turned. This enables surfaces to be produced in visual quality.  

Hundegger Joinery Machine ‘K2i’

Construction and Structural Components

Joinery machine K2i The joinery machine ‘K2i’, the flexible high-performance machine for all timber construction companies which demonstrates its strengths whenever top performance and flexibility are required. The ‘K2i’ can also dowel and finish high-quality stacked timber elements. With the ‘K2i’, it is possible to cut and join boards and beams measuring 20 X 50 mm to 300 X 450 mm – without retooling …

Innovator Machinery Co: CutMate 3200D Single Knife Veneer Guillotine

Furniture, Flooring, Doors and Windows Manufacturing

Special features: -  Equipped with Germany Rexroth hydraulic system and 80mm knife cylinder -  Adjustable pressure with hydraulic knife and pack beam; two-hand operation and safety light curtain for safety -  Meets European CE safety requirements and can cut materials including veneers, paper, plastics -  Second-cut technology: By switching knife beam to second-cut mode, a thin clip of approx.. 1mm can be cut off from …

Innovator Machinery Co: UltiMate 3400 Crossfeed Veneer Splicer

Furniture, Flooring, Doors and Windows Manufacturing

Special features: -  Can be selected as fix-length (cut-to-size) or fix-jointed splicing modes -  Comes with safety guard and meets European CE safety requirements -  Equipped with Japan Mitsubishi PLC controller, Germany Rexroth hydraulic and Festo pneumatic system as standard -  A ‘clear-and-easy’ operation control panel with user-friendly PLC based interface touch screen mounted right in the front of the …

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