HOMAG: TLF 411 Area Storage System: More Space for Industrial Production

Furniture, Flooring, Doors and Windows Manufacturing

TLF 411 area storage system: The ideal solution for highly efficient logistics in industrial production

The TLF 411 can be connected to a wide variety of processing machines and used with a broad range of panel types. The TLF 411 design can accommodate widths of up to 16 m and travel path lengths of over 50 m — it is a design with virtually no limits. In addition, the storage system operates at speeds of up to 120 m/min, ensuring that every panel is quickly transported to any storage location or deposited for processing at a connected processing machine.

Panels can be made from plastic, Plexiglas or laminate, and can be coated or uncoated: The ST71 suction cross rail transports any material from the material stack to the exact target position without any problems, while fulfilling the highest standards in process reliability, process optimization and cost efficiency. This enables operators to achieve noticeable reductions in personnel and quality costs. The storage system also increases the capacity of the integrated processing machine.