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Registered steel belt

An outstanding milestone achieved by Berndorf Band, is the unique production of steel belts for the continuous registered embossed pressing of laminates and laminate floors. Such steel belts are used for the production in double belt presses.

High precision raw belts are necessary for the tightest tolerances for reproducing registered embossed surface textures on the steel belt. The biggest challenge is to consider the process parameters during the embossing procedure in the double belt press while manufacturing the endless textured steel belt.

To complete the product range, Berndorf Band is providing worldwide individual and efficient service. Under the family brand bernfixx® very useful service tools for our woodworking industry customers have been developed and this process is still ongoing. State-of-the-art service tools like the Patching Tool enable high precision steel belt repairs on-site. It is now possible to eliminate damaged areas on a steel belt with an almost fully automated process, to the highest quality. This tool helps to increase the longevity of a steel belt significantly in the production of particleboard, MDF, HDF, LVL and OSB, as well as thin boards. Over 20 years 81 Patching Tools have been sold, 850 service jobs completed and over 6000 prepared patches were delivered to customers. The Berndorf Band Patching Tool is still revolutionary in the field of steel belt repair methods due to continual improvements.

Steel belt for woodworking industry


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