Editor’s pickWood-Mizer releases new two-sided MP2000 planer/moulder for workshops


Wood-Mizer has released the MP200 planer/moulder, a new two-sided machine to plane and mould timber on two sides in a single pass. This affordable and easy to use machine is designed for woodworkers who want to produce mouldings, flooring and other wood products quickly, affordably and efficiently.

The MP200 includes one horizontal top cutter, and one vertical side cutter. Both can be fitted with planing knives or moulding profile knives.

User begin by planing or moulding one or two adjoining sides in one pass. The power feed rollers move the board under the horizontal cutter and past the vertical side cutter. 

If the user is just planing, they can simply flip the board over, adjust the table height, and then plane the final two sides. If the user is moulding a profile, then he/she simply needs to change out the knives, adjust the table height and then mould the final two sides.

Top features:

• Two-step process to produce planed and moulded timber. 

• For producers of flooring, mouldings and more.

• One horiztonal cutter and one side cutter. 

The MP200 ships on a pallet and requires minimal assembly. Wood-Mizer supplies planer knives andmoulding profiles through their line of cutting tools, and also supplies comprehensive sawdust extraction systems to accompany the MP200.

The MP200 was manufactured in Sweden since 1980. Now the MP200 is still made in Sweden by Wood-Mizer, expanding Wood-Mizer’s reputation as a worldwide manufacturer of equipment that can seamlessly convert logs into timber and into finished wood products.