Editor’s pick“Useful information, successful presentations”: Siempelkamp customer symposium in Istanbul impresses around 100 participants


An active knowledge and experience transfer on a partner-like level took place in Istanbul in October: The second Siempelkamp customer symposium attracted around 100 participants from the Turkish wood-based materials industry.  

The inviting party was the Siempelkamp office in Istanbul, whose eight employees work right at the pulse of the market. The agenda for the meeting was developed by the German and Turkish Siempelkamp team including the subsidiaries SLS (Service) and Pallmann (size-reduction technology). “Turkey has developed into the leading driver of innovation for the wood-based materials industry in Europe. That is why it was an honor for us to initiate the active exchange of information with our customers,” says Ulrich Kaiser, Head of Sales Wood Division at Siempelkamp.

Approximately 100 employees from almost all Turkish wood-based material manufacturers participated in the symposium of the German Partner at the Green Park Pendik Convention Center. The participants came from diversified backgrounds: site managers, production and investment teams of the wood-based material manufacturers focused on the inputs for two days from their specific perspective. They were welcomed by Ulrich Kaiser, Faruk Sisci (managing director Siempelkamp Istanbul), Stefan Wissing (managing director of the Siempelkamp subsidiaries SLS and Pallmann), and Dr. Stephan Niggeschmidt (managing director SLS).

The symposium focused on new developments such as the new hybrid particleboard as well as the Eco-innovations made by Siempelkamp – for example, EcoFormer, Eco Pilot, and EcoScan NEO. Siempelkamp’s partner Electronic Wood Systems (EWS) also participated in order to emphasize the advantages of the newly developed EcoScan NEO. This technology module from the SicoScan family stands for the “factory of tomorrow”. Ulrich Kaiser summed up the advantages of 3-dimensional engineering, applied by Siempelkamp’s Belgium subsidiary Sicoplan. Scanning techniques, the use of lasers and drone flights on site and above the customer’s premises provide the engineering experts with the exact electronic data that is needed when it comes to perfectly tailoring a plant to the requirements provided by the customer.    

3-dimensional technology from the perspective of the customer: the best reference

Self-PR is good, a reference from the customer’s perspective even better: According to this motto Ulrich Kaiser and Işik Zorcu, employee from the investment team at AGT, gave a speech on 3-dimensional technology together. Işik Zorcu demonstrated how, in 2018, a second MDF plant was integrated into an existing MDF plant from 2012 with the help of 3-dimensional technology at the AGT location in Antalya. This process not only saves time, but optimizes the setup of both plants.

In another speech Dr. Stephan Niggeschmidt then demonstrated how 24/7 remote service and Service 4.0 of SLS promote the digital transformation in the wood-based materials industry. In his presentation, Stefan Wissing, on the other hand, pointed out that the perfect wood-based panel starts with material that has been reduced to the correct size -  keyword: “Pallmann – size-reduction technology”! With the help of the inline board measurement system SicoCam, Dr. Stephan Niggeschmidt demonstrated that manual measurement of raw boards is a thing of the past. SicoCam’s high-performing cameras provide measured values and as a result increase quality, reduce rejects, and improve workplace safety.

Questions, answers, and discussions aiming at strengthening the wood-based materials industry became part of the agenda in Istanbul for two days. This approach has proven very effective: “At the Siempelkamp symposium seven years ago I learned a lot helping with our investment decision in 2014. Today, after two years of production, we see the advantages of Siempelkamp’s further development from the ContiRoll® Generation 6 to the ContiRoll® Generation 8. It is important for us that all Siempelkamp innovations be compatible with our existing technology.” – the positive feedback we received from symposium participant Metinay Topkaya. “Useful information”, “successful presentations” was the general feedback of other statements made by participants.

The entire Siempelkamp team says “teşekkürler” (thank you) and yakında görüşmek üzere” (see you soon)!