The widest range of woodworking machinery at the SCM Open House


Thousands of visitors to the SCM “Smart&Human Factory” Open House at the Rimini Headquarters Technology Centre had the chance to see various solutions on display, as well as developments in automation integrated with collaborative robots and in nesting. They were also introduced to a huge range of machines, plus software and digital services from the Maestro Digital System platform. These solutions meet all custom and integrated production requirements, catering to the individual needs of specific companies without losing the advantages of industrial production. 

SCM advanced technology for machining solid wood includes many possible applications for manufacturing windows, doors, stairs, chairs, design items and solid wood furniture. One example would be the accord range's latest model, accord 42 fx, which combines a twin machining unit with three and five axes equipped with independent heads and is perfect for makers of window and door frames, doors and stairs.

At the Open House, the range continued with the highly versatile accord 50 fxm machining centre, for items with complex shapes and large dimensions, suitable for several sectors. In addition to this was the accord wd, the integrated cell for doors and window and door frames, boasting the flexibility of a stand-alone machine, capable of producing up to 16 window components without an operator present.  Another interesting machining centre was the accord 25 fx for making linear and curved windows with a MATIC automatic worktable. All accord range models use SCM Maestro cnc software, a user-friendly programming system for fast, intuitive design.

Also worth mentioning was the balestrini line, with the balestrini pico om, CNC tenoning - mortising machine, compact, precise and fast for tenoning, drilling and mortising on parts for chairs. There is also the balestrini cube machining centre, with strong points including the two machining units with 5 overlapping axes, for simultaneously performing all machining for specific applications such as chairs, tables, furniture and collectibles.

Another machine on display was the throughfeed moulder with unlimited possibilities, superset nt, with its MOBILE PC electronic control making the operator's job much easier thanks to intuitive programming and detailed reporting.

Visitors also had a chance to see what was on offer for a sector experiencing strong growth – that of timber machining for construction. The Open House had an information corner set up with all the latest news about SCM machining centres for construction.

The best of morbidelli technology for the furniture industry was proudly shown off during the Open House, with the development of “All-in-one technology” models allowing a single machining centre to meet the requirements of companies and craftsmen operating in a range of sectors, from furniture to fitting out boats. One example was the morbidelli m200 drilling and routing machining centre which, with its FAST 14 system, allows a tool change between operations in less than 15 seconds and 60% savings on drilling cycles thanks to its high efficiency drilling heads. The 5-axis electro-spindle provides unparalleled power and precision, giving a perfect finish every time.

If anyone wanted to add edge banding to drilling and routing, all they needed to do was look no further than the morbidelli p800, the ideal solution for “just in time” machining and for making panels ready for assembly. This first-class technological solution covers multiple goods sectors: from office to bedroom furniture, and custom applications for shops and interiors.

SCM presented its new drilling features in the morbidelli ux 200d which performs all drilling, routing and cutting. Advantages include the new exclusive dowelling system with variable-axis twin dowel inserter, adjustable based on the distance between holes, the magazine for machining unit automatic tool change - serving both upper and lower units for simultaneous machining on opposite faces of a panel - and the new Clamex machining units for increasingly bespoke joints.

Visitors got to see the morbidelli cx220 compact drilling machine in action – as the ideal solution for small batch machining, the new drilling heads guarantee a level of performance and efficiency never achieved before now with their compact dimensions. The worktable even allows drilling of delicate surfaces with excellent finish, whilst the new, shaped hold-down grippers mean that panels can be machined even in positions inside the grippers, greatly reducing cycle times and optimising workpiece clamping.

Faster and more precise production which constantly meets high quality standards is the extraordinary result guaranteed by SCM edge banding technologies enhanced by the new eye-M operator panel with “21.5” multi-touch display and HMI Maestro Pro Edge for a 3D preview of the panel being machined.

Automation is key in the stefanicell, the new generation of "batch 1” machining cells, with high-tech solutions, even at low investment level, and the new pickback bridge system for automatically returning panels, allowing simple and “just in time” production management.

The olimpic k560 was presented as an automated edge banding solution, with innovative fastback panel return range, allowing an increase of up to 30% in the production efficiency of the individual edge banding machine. Other “pluses” include automatic set-up with NC axes, Airfusion+ "E" and high versatility with the possibility of applying edging even to solid wood up to 12 mm thick.

For “zero glue line”, the very latest is Airfusion+ H which at the Rimini Open House was combined with stefani md. This device makes it possible to work at speeds of up to 25 m/min. and with a panel height of 60 mm, maintaining a surprisingly high-quality finish. Also of interest on the same edge bander is the simultaneous presence of the "QMS-P" pre-melter for EVA glue and the "PU Box L" pre-melter for polyurethane glue. Having 3 gluing systems in place gives ultimate versatility.   A major new feature is the availability of the belt upper presser in the stefani kd, allowing effective edge banding on any type of panel. A considerable “plus”, which combines with the machine infeed bench for easily machining even very large panels.   The new J-side kit will be on show. A technological development allowing automatic and intensive machining of design components with softforming edge banding even on transversal sides, therefore 100% completing machining and finishing directly in the machine. This innovation means that, “J”, “C” or “semi-step” profiles that have concave zones are no longer off limits for edge banders.  

SCM panel sizing solutions have been brought up-to-date with Maestro Cut and maestro Ottimo Cut software. The gabbiani g 2 130 was one such example that visitors could inspect at the event, the only panel saw in its category with a highly competitive price and performance which matches that of superior range machines. It makes high quality cuts in all materials. Also on show was the new HI-TRONIC saw carriage, for high speeds and top productivity, plus the new optional Saw-set which reduces and considerably simplifies tooling and management times, whilst increasing operator safety.

A big area was set aside in the SCM Technology Centre for joinery machines. In this sector, SCM is a world leader with top-of-the-range machines, boasting unique performance and continual innovation. This is confirmed by the diverse line of solutions displayed, starting with the “L’invincibile”, with its evolved design and technological features, which really sets the benchmark for precision, reliability and safety. The blade's double tilt angle has also been introduced in the Nova line, with the Nova si X. This model, with the new motor-powered programmed saw unit movement is the go-to entry level machine on the market for this function. SCM also shone a spotlight on minimax me 35, the combined end trimming - rounding unit for edge banding machines, winner of the XIA Award at the last Xylexpo in the "Tools" category: ideal for end trimming the panel front and rear and, if necessary, for simultaneously rounding front and rear corners with a single pass. Completing the widest range of joinery machines on the market, visitor found the new vf extractors, clean air filters using innovative technology. Quiet and efficient, they are ideal for placing in any working environment. 

There is a lot of interest in SCM solutions in the furniture industry and among contractors seeking systems for intensive use capable of delivering characterful, highly customisable results even at the final stages of machining. Visitors to the Open House discovered the exclusive integrated project for the treatment of surfaces developed by SCM, in the company’s aim to become the first and sole partner in Italy able to supply the full range of products and services, as well as exclusive and refined finishing solutions, to meet all the requirements of the process and types of end product. This project includes the new sanding and pressing Surface Tech Lab at Villa Mare (Villa Verucchio) which adds to and completes the Superfici surface finishing Technology Centre in Villasanta (Monza).

Inside the “Smart&Human Factory” sanding machines are represented by the dmc system, designed to meet the requirements of mid- to large-sized companies that demand maximum quality in the preparation of surfaces for subsequent finishing treatments. The solution proposed, one of a kind in the sector, uses the most innovative technologies developed by SCM, producing surfaces having impressive highly customisable 3D effects, with high productivity.

Curved panels and panels with 3D effects can be veneered by the new sergiani 3d form membrane press, offering a big range of solutions, both stand-alone and integrated in automatic lines for maximum productivity. The pressing cycle is electronically adjustable and programmable to ensure the best panel finish on different materials, guaranteeing top quality surfaces and gluing, plus highly versatile application.

The surface treatment area also includes the Superfici corner, manned by experts ready to show you the whole range of surface finishing robots. Ideal for the panel, the bravorobot Cartesian robot and the anthropomorphic spraymaster are both able to combine the high quality, precision, reliability and light touch of manual work with the speed and continuity of an automated spraying system.  But the star of the show when it came to surface finishing door and window frames was the maestro anthropomorphic robot: a new, efficient 6-axis 3D spraying method, with the possibility of increasing the number of axes to 11.