The main topics LIGNA 2019 will be looking at


The organisers of LIGNA, the world’s leading trade fair for machinery, plant and tools for the woodworking and timber processing industry, have announced the main topics to be highlighted at the next show, which will run from the 27th to the 31st of May 2019: Integrated Woodworking – Customised Solutions, Smart Surface Technologies and Wood Industry Summit.


Integrated Woodworking – Customised Solutions

Digitisation, integration and automation are three major trends, and the efficiencies they bring to the wood industry and woodworking trades will remain high on the agenda at LIGNA under the banner of Integrated Woodworking – Customised Solutions.

In 2019, the show’s exhibitors will focus on new wood-industry applications for smart technologies, new developments and customised solutions for intelligent production across all areas of the wood value chain. Their exhibitions and displays will span a broad array of themes, including augmented reality, virtual reality, digitisation, customer-specific tailoring and safety, not to mention the growing pressure on manufacturers to deliver precision, flexibility and fast throughput.

Together, the exhibitors will showcase the many opportunities of batch-size-one production – the ultimate in integration and customisation. The Integrated Woodworking – Customised Solutions theme will speak to LIGNA’s entire wood-industry visitor contingent, being of relevance for primary and secondary production, and everything else in between.

The exhibitors will be demonstrating solutions of all sizes for users of all scales. That’s everything from complex, integrated plants for industrial users, to entry-level systems for SMEs and mid-size workshops, to individual solutions for specialists.

“Only here at LIGNA will visitors be able to witness wood-industry machinery and applications live in action,” Christian Pfeiffer, Deutsche Messe’s Global Director for LIGNA and Woodworking Events, commented.


Smart Surface Technologies

Surface technology has been steadily expanding its presence at LIGNA and is enjoying strong growth on the back of mounting customer demand for product individualisation. Moreover, in 2017, with the trend resulting in significantly enlarged displays in the surface technology section of the show, it featured for the first time as a display category of its own.

The organisers are therefore planning to further highlight and expand this topic at LIGNA 2019, focusing in particular on adhesives, liquid coatings and lacquers and digital printing. The show in 2017 even featured several providers of digital printing solutions, including regulars like Barberan, Cefla, Hymmen and Wemhöner and first-timer exhibitors like Efi. In 2019, the digital printing lineup will also include 3D printing technologies.


Wood Industry Summit

Topics and issues of importance to the international forestry and wood industry will again be explored in depth at the Wood Industry Summit, which in 2019 is running under the byline Access to Resources and Technology. The themes covered by the Wood Industry Summit include digitisation in forestry, data protection and data integrity, forest firefighting, forestry infrastructure, road networks and logistics. The Wood Industry Summit at LIGNA 2017 was a resounding success, featuring numerous international exhibitors, not to mention high-power delegations from 12 nations. 

Alongside the above three key theme areas, LIGNA’s organisers are working closely with their partners, the German Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers’ Association, exhibitors and co-promoters to develop additional in-show events that deal with topical issues and challenges.

The skilled woodworking trades are one focus of this work – which is why the LIGNA Training Workshops that premiered in 2017 will be further enhanced for the 2019 season. Held during the show, these workshops are where technology experts provide user training for joiners, cabinetmakers, carpenters, mobile assemblers and installers and other skilled tradespeople. The workshop programme for LIGNA 2019 will address a number of new areas, including CAD and software for the skilled trades.

“It’s still early in the game, but one thing is for sure: Next year’s LIGNA will be particularly strong on innovative, high-tech solutions for woodworking,” Pfeiffer concluded.