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China’s timber industry will transform in the next five years

ITTO, China, forestry, timber

According to government’s 13th Five Year Plan for Forest Industry Development, the total value of China’s timber industry output will reach 8.7 trillion yen. The plan projects a transformation of China’s timber industry from resource orientation to innovation and that management will shift from “extensive” to …

Wood demand and supply projection for Japan in 2017

ITTO, Japan, forest, timber, supply, demand, wood

Japan’s Forestry Agency’s second meeting estimates the following trends for wood demand and supply in 2017. Forecast for domestic log supply is difficult because of the damage caused by severe heavy rain. Demand projection for the second half of the year is likely to decline slightly. The demand for domestic lumber in the second …

Editor’s pickStudents honoured at second Chinese University Timber Structures Design Competition

2nd Chinese University Timber Structures Design Competition

How about plunging into a swimming pool and coming up for air under a wood-framed roof? This year’s Chinese University Timber Structure Design Competition challenged students to design a natatorium that would wow the judges. The second Award Ceremony, held in Nanjing Tech University (NTU) on Nov 19, recognises excellence in wood design and …

Dutch timber research institute rolls out new certification mark to facilitate responsible buying

Dutch, Netherlands, procurement, logistics, timber, EIA

New mark assures buyers that they are procuring timber from a business that sources it legally and responsibly.  Independent Netherlands timber research institute Stichting Hout Research (SHR) has unveiled a new business certification mark, guaranteeing customers that timber is sourced from sustainably-managed forest, regardless of …

EIA: Dutch timber company found in breach of EUTR

Dutch, Netherlands, EUTR, timber, EIA

The Dutch Food and Product Safety Authority (Nederlandse Voedsel- en Warenautoriteit, or NVWA) has found Dutch timber company Boogaerdt Hout to be in breach of the Due Diligence requirements of the EUTR. The decision follows the submission of evidence by the London-based Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA). Boogaerdt Hout and one other …

Editor’s pickThe future skyline will be one of ‘plyscrapers’

plyscrapers, wooden buildings, tall timber

Enthusiasm for tall timber buildings and wood engineering is spreading all over the world. A new generation of architects and designers are now determined to promote timber as the material of choice for a wide range of innovative and challenging projects. This boom is driven by advanced solutions in materials technology. In particular engineered …