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As Mass Timber Takes Off, How Green Is This New Building Material?

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The eight-story Carbon 12 building in Portland, Oregon is the tallest commercial structure in the United States to be built from something called mass timber. If the many fervent boosters of this new construction material are right, however, it is only one of the first mass timber buildings among many, the beginning of a construction revolution. …

Sustainable Timber Tas to gain certification from FSC

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Sustainable Timber Tasmania (STT) has launched a process to gain certification for its forestry activities from the Forest Stewardship Council. SCS Global Services will conduct an audit of STT’s forestry practices, starting on 20 May, against the new FSC Australian Forest Stewardship Council. A key issue is the concept of High Conservation …

Editor’s pickNew Singapore Sustainability Academy champions climate action, sustainable business, and social change

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Singapore Sustainability Academy is made from Cross Laminated Timber and glulam. Photo credit: CDL, VMW Group Perched above City Square Mall, the new Singapore Sustainability Academy is reminiscent of a worldwide trend in managing the urban population crisis—constructing new wooden units above existing buildings. The Academy however, is …