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Editor’s pickAffordable and beautiful wooden apartments for the lower-income Danish residents

Dortheavej, northwestern Denmark, Bjarke Ingels Group, Danish non-profit affordable housing association Lejerbo, Danish urban space designer Jan Gehl

Named after its Dortheavej address in the northwestern part of Copenhagen, the five-storey building winds through the area characterised by car repair shops, warehouses and industrial buildings from the 1930s–50s. Bjarke Ingels Group(BIG) was commissioned to design Dortheavej in 2013 by Danish non-profit affordable housing …

Editor’s pickBy seeking to integrate into the natural environment, La Cabañita questions interior and exterior spaces

Integration, natural environment, interior and exterior spaces

Originally built in 1985 with a small cabin, the newer structure has been greatly expanded, exploring the sense of space with its architectural configuration. Built of metal, glass and wood, La Cabañita pays tribute to its environs, encouraging spontaneity and a connection to nature.   Architects: Paz Arquitectura Location: …

Editor’s pickDownsizing

Downsizing, furniture, living space, going small

Cities may be expanding but our living spaces are now a fraction of what they used to be. Ewins is going big on this trend by going small. It is hard to say how the world will look like in 2030. Going by current indicators, cities will burgeon alongside the middle class demographic. Consumption will increase, as will waste and global …

Could virtual nature be the next big thing in interior design?

LUKE, Finnish, virtual spaces

Being in nature for some time – even if it is only a short while—does wonders for the human body, including reducing stress levels. Finnish researchers are taking this field further by recreating experiential spaces that resemble the wild. Lights, images and sound combine to form an experiential space Metla House, Joensuu. The wooden …

Editor’s pickSpiritual spaces in the woods

wood, construction, architecture, church, chapel, spiritual spaces

Designing the Joa Chapel in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was a unique challenge because of the irregular topography of the land. In these natural surroundings where trees kiss the sky in the presence of the sea, worshippers can experience a quiet haven away from urban traffic. The conceptual search for simplicity has guided the design of the project …

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