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Editor’s pickPrivate lake home wrapped in hemlock façade offers comfort, warmth and respect for nature

hemlock, canada, architects ACDF, softwood, lake house

Set near Lake Memphremagog in Canada, this private home is a family’s desire to return to nature, simplicity and a balanced lifestyle.   The house represents sustainable construction. It is reinterpreted to define the modern house that is generously opened on the landscape. Constructed from a variety of materials including field …

Editor’s pickWhy are saunas made of wood?

wood, softwood, sauna, Finnish, Viba's sauna, Latvia

The word “sauna” means “room of wood” in Finnish. The use of wood is both a tradition and practical consideration in constructing a sauna. Firstly, they are good heat insulators; if you touch a wooden surface, the heat doesn’t sting as severely as a stone wall, for example. Wood also has antiseptic and antibacterial …

Editor’s pickCanada's lumber trade policies are unfair: Jimmy Carter

US Canada lumber dispute, softwood

Ex-US president Jimmy Carter has spoken out in support of the recent 20 per cent duties imposed on Canadian lumber imports. “This belated enforcement of U.S. trade laws will help millions of private timberland owners, American forestry workers and members of their local communities by leveling the playing field in the timber …

India imports of US softwood cross over US$15 Mn

American softwoods, exports, India, DelhiWood

American softwood products exports to India from January to October 2016 reached a high of US$15.265 million. Douglas-fir and Southern Yellow Pine species made up 16 percent and 68 percent, respectively, of total United States (US) softwood lumber exports to India, according to data released by the United States Department of Agriculture …

UK's softwood timber industry could benefit from a wider range of commercially-grown species

UK, Forestry Commission, softwood industry, Great Britain

British-grown noble fir, Norway spruce, western red cedar and western hemlock could all produce acceptable returns of structural timber, mitigating the risk of depending on a limited range of species, according to a research note,  ‘Timber properties of noble fir, Norway spruce, western red cedar and western hemlock grown in Great …

ISC 2016: European lumber suppliers upbeat about 2017 export market

International Softwood Conference 2016, Paris, softwood, export market, supply

Softwood lumber The 64th International Softwood Conference held in Paris over October 13 and 14 had one of the highest attendance ever - almost 200 participants. This year’s conference opened with the traditional market analyses with experts suggesting that 2016 is set to be a record year for the highest volume of sawn softwood traded …

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