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New research projects for the EPLF

EPLF, research projects, moisture-resistant laminate floors

The EPLF Technical Committee is set to embark on an extensive upcoming research programme which will look into moisture-resistant laminate floors. Under the chairmanship of recently-elected Eberhard Herrmann (Classen) and with topics driven by Jasper de Jaeger (Unilin) and Dr Rico Emmler (IHD Dresden), a group of 20 EPLF specialists from six …

More oil palm stem recycling needed: Malaysia minister

Malaysia, oil palm, research, commodities

Prototype of a panel made of recycled oil palm revealed at LIGNA 2017. The research project was a collaboration between Malaysia and Germany's universities as well as companies Jowat, Minda Industrieanlagen, Möhringer, Leitz, Oberkochen, Boehlerit and Palmwood R+D, Freiburg.   Rather than discarding them, unused oil palm stems can …

STA to offer RM2.4 Mn in funding for tropical hardwood research

STA, Sarawak, research, funding

The Sarawak Timber Association (STA) will invest RM2.4 Mn to fund a two-year research project on “Development and Deployment of Improved Genetic Materials of Falcataria Moluccana’ (Moluccan albizia)”. STA Chairman, Wong Kie Yik, said that the latest projects funded by the association include RM400,000 to Universiti Malaysia …

Australia: Turnbull Coalition's $4 million investment on forest products innovation

Turnbull Coalition, Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, National Institute for Forest Products Innovation, Research

The Turnbull Coalition has announced a $4 million investment for a National Institute for Forest Products Innovation comprising of two research hubs.  Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources Senator Ruston said that in addition, the Coalition is committed to rolling over the 20-year Regional Forest …