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Setra begins construction of pyrolysis oil plant at its Kastet sawmill in Sweden

Pyrocell, Setra, Kastet sawmill, Sweden, non-fossil pyrolysis oil, renewable fuel, diesel, petrol

The first ground was broken for Pyrocell’s plant at Setra’s Kastet sawmill in Gävle, Sweden. Pyrocell will be manufacturing non-fossil pyrolysis oil as a raw material for producing renewable fuel.   Wood industry company Setra and fuel company Preem are working together to produce fossil-free pyrolysis oil from sawdust …

Malaysia plants hope for palm oil's future in dwarf trees

palm oil, forestry

Test tubes holding plants line shelves in a Malaysian laboratory, the heart of a breeding programme for dwarf palm oil trees which scientists hope will cut costs and limit the environmental damage caused by the controversial industry. Palm oil has become a key ingredient in everyday goods from biofuels to chocolate, leading to a production boom …

More oil palm stem recycling needed: Malaysia minister

Malaysia, oil palm, research, commodities

Prototype of a panel made of recycled oil palm revealed at LIGNA 2017. The research project was a collaboration between Malaysia and Germany's universities as well as companies Jowat, Minda Industrieanlagen, Möhringer, Leitz, Oberkochen, Boehlerit and Palmwood R+D, Freiburg.   Rather than discarding them, unused oil palm stems can …

Can old oil palm wood be converted into high-value wood products?

Leitz, oil palm wood

“PalmwoodNet”, an international network that examines how oil palm trees can be recycled for wood products, will present their results for the first time at LIGNA 2017. The network studies how unproductive, over-aged oil palms can be converted into high value-added products such as one-layer and multi-layer panels, block boards, …

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