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EU plywood imports down 7% in 2017

ITTO, EU, imports, plywood

Total EU plywood imports in 2017 were down seven per cent to 2.159 million metric tonnes (MT), sparked by contraction in the ‘other hardwood’ plywood category, with imports down over 20 per cent from 1.346 million MT to 1.076 million MT. Analysts say part of this was likely due to a revision of customs product codes in 2017, which saw …

Japan’s wooden furniture imports sees some rise and fall

Japan, furniture, imports

The cyclical trend in bedroom furniture imports is once again repeated in 2017. After peaking in the spring Japan’s imports of wooden bedroom furniture traditionally drop back in the months to year end only to pick up once again. Wooden kitchen furniture on the other hand have seen a surge in imports, partly due to home owners cashing in on …

America is buying furniture again, as April figures show

ITTO, USA, imports, furniture, shipments

Following a decline in wooden furniture imports in March, American imports grew 18 per cent in April to US$1.47 billion. Year-to-date imports were nine per cent higher than in April 2016.   Imports from China, Vietnam, Canada and Europe increased in April, while Mexico, Malaysia, Indonesia and India exported less furniture to the …

Japan’s wooden furniture imports volatile: ITTO

ITTO, Japan, wooden furniture, imports

Japan’s wooden bedroom furniture imports have yo-yoed for the past four months after a period of steady increase that began in November last year. After three consecutive months of increase, the value of imports in February plummeted only to rise again in March. The same was observed in March and April. Wooden office furniture imports in …

China particleboard imports up over 30% in 2016

China, particleboard, ITTO, imports, panels

China’s wood-based panel imports in 2016 rose 31 per cent to 1.4 million cubic metres in 2016, valued at US$450 million, a YoY increase of 21 per cent. Particleboard were the main products, accounting for 65 per cent of total wood-based panel imports. The volume of particleboard import was 900,000 cubic metres valued at US$180 million, up …