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Chinese forestry enterprises back to work except in Hubei

State Forestry and Grass Administration, domestic, forestry and wood processing enterprises, resumption, state forestry enterprises

According to the State Forestry and Grass Administration, domestic forestry and wood processing enterprises are resuming work especially the state forestry enterprises, reported ITTO. With the exception of Hubei Province, the rate of resumption of work in forestry enterprises nationwide had exceeded 90% by 22 March 2020. However, the Chinese …

China’s domestic timber wholesale markets starting to resume business

China, domestic timber wholesale market, resume business, operation, coronavirus

It has been reported that timber from South America and Southeast Asia recently arrived in Guangzhou and Dongguan Ports and has been off-loaded, reported ITTO. The domestic timber wholesale markets have started work after the lull due to the virus risk. The trade media (Wood365) has reported that small volumes of timber have been delivered to the …

India government may impose curbs on furniture imports to bolster local manufacturing

India, curbs, furniture imports, China, domestic manufacturing, Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade

The government is likely to impose restrictions on furniture imports in bid to boost domestic manufacturing and reduce inbound shipments of non-essential items, an official said. The Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade has suggested to its commerce counterpart to put the restrictions, reported Business Standard from New …

Formaldehyde limits recommended for Malaysia's locally sold wood-based panels

Formaldehyde limits, Malaysia, domestic market, wood-based panels, Ministry of Primary Industries

A regulation for a formaldehyde emission limit of ≤ 1.5 mg/L (F**/E1 class) on imported and locally produced wood-based panels products was recommended after studies by the government, reported ITTO. The majority of Malaysian manufacturers can reach this standard. Limits on formaldehyde emissions are mandatory in many consumer countries and …

Italian woodworking machinery sales rise in 2016, giving cause for optimism

Acimall, Italian woodworking machinery, sales, domestic, international

Italy’s woodworking machinery sector turned around for the better in 2016 with domestic and international sales giving manufacturers much to smile about after several years of lull. Domestic sales rose 31.6 percent to EUR592 million in 2016. Export revenue was up 5.1 percent to reach EUR1.4 billion, mostly to North America, according to …

Japan looks to China to boost sales of domestic wood products

Japan, domestic lumber, China

The Japan Wood Products Export Promotion Council has made up four models of wood houses based on the Chinese wood building standard. These are in correspondent to the Chinese needs with the exposed use of wood of Japanese species such as Cedar, Cypress and Larch to differentiate from 2x4construction. By following the Chinese wood building …

Myanmar Timber Enterprise sustaining domestic production with sales of log stocks

Myanmar Timber Enterprise, MTE, log stocks, domestic production

According to the ITTO report, Myanmar Timber Enterprise is proposing to sell around 400,000 H.tons of logs during the one-year suspension of log extraction. Of which, 30,000 H.tons of teak and over 300,000 H.tons of other hardwoods will be sold and priced in U.S. dollars while 9,000 H.tons of teak and around 60,000 H.tons of other hardwoods will …

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