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Soft Maple - The best substitute for Walnut and Cherry

soft maple, cherry, walnut

By James Xu, Chairman and CEO, Shanghai AM In 2017, Walnut and Cherry experienced the biggest price increase compared to other North American hardwoods. Walnut increased by 40 per cent; Cherry by 30 per cent. The price hike for Walnut and Cherry is partly due to the large volume of log exports to China (including these two species), resulting in …

Editor’s pickAmerican Cherry – A personal view

American Cherry, AHEC, solid wood

By Michael Buckley, MPhil, Fellow of Institute of Wood Science  The hardwood business is like the fashion business. We consume hardwoods for two reasons – performance and personality. 'Seven Days' kitchen unit by Riva Italy We choose hardwoods first because they are fit for many purposes. They perform in strength, durability and …